The Exciting Game of Poker Lotto

There are lots of different lotto games and many of the provinces throughout Canada have their very own specific ones where the proceeds go back into aiding their various communities. The Poker Lotto is run by the OLG. and allows participants two great opportunities to become a big winner. When a person buys a ticket what happens first is a poker game is immediately played out which can make the ticket holder an instant winner. Then there is a nightly draw to add to the excitement. Playing cards replace the lotto numbers.

When you buy your poker lotto ticket you will see the screen where the five cards will be dealt. If your five cards happen to make up a poker winning hand you could win up to $5,000. but if you decided to go all in you could end up being the big winner of $10,000.

The lotto draw which takes place at night gives you a chance for a winning if you able to match 2 or more of the winning cards.

This game has a growing jackpot to it which involves the “All In” price. The winner of this has to be able to come up with a Royal Flush. The winning pot starts off at $10,000. but continues to grow with ticket sales until the pot is won. In order to take advantage of this option you need to pay an extra dollar.

If $10,000 doesn’t sound very exciting to you then all you need to do is take a look at some of the recent winners of Poker Lotto who won the growing jackpot. some of these have been well over $100,000. This lotto is really becoming popular and many poker fans can’t wait to try their luck at it. The best part is you don’t have to be Poker savvy to play the game either.

Also, what makes this even more exciting is that the proceeds from the Poker Lotto help to support many of the provinces charities and organizations.


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