Port Perry Casino Gives Back to the Community

Many of the towns and cities throughout Ontario have their own Casinos that bring a great deal of fun and entertainment to those who enjoy this type of activity. In Port Perry Ontario their local casino is the Blue Heron Casino which is sometimes called the Great Blue Heron Casino, or the Blue Heron Charity Casino.

The name Blue Heron Charity Casino really gives the recognition to this casino that it deserves concerning the significant contributions that it makes to many non profit organizations. There is true teamwork between the Ontario Lottery Gaming authorities and the Baagwating Community Association. This association manages the table gaming portion of the Casino, while the Ontario Lotter Gaming Corportation manages the slots segment of this gaming portal.

Both of these organizations ensure that the alloted charity money from the Casino game play gets to many much needed charities within the community as well as to the First Nation.

The Casino itself has the First Nation feel to it and is atmosphere is truly one of excitement and fun. There are many table games that can be enjoyed here and a grand selection of slots. This is a casino that not only brings in the residents of the community but is an attraction to visitors and to the nearby communities as well.

The facilites are large and clean and in addition to all the game play that is being offered there is a great restaurant that makes up part of the Port Perry casino facilities which is well known for its wonder food fare.

The residents and other businesses in Port Perry are well aware of the important role that this Port Perry Casino plays in the community and are in full support of being part of their region. It has been around for several years and is actually situated on the Scugog Island although it is easily accessed from the Port Perry mainland.


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